Corrosion Grenade


The world’s first clamp-on corrosion

  1. Inhibits the corrosion of all nearby metal parts.
  2. Protects continuously, even in hostile salt air environments.

Fasten a new CORROSION GRENADE to the suction line of your air conditioner.
Works like magic … but it’s Science!

So Why is Your Air Conditioner Rusting?

For years all air conditioning manufacturers have been plagued with the expensive problem of condensing coils corroding. When this happens it results in unsightly and ineffective coils and resulting in higher electric bills. Generally condensing coils are cleaned twice a year. Corrosion is a continuous process and will degrade them between cleanings. Cleaning the coils more often shortens the life of the fins and results in the need of replacement. Coil Coatings have been used but often require recoating during the life of the equipment. The condensing unit is made of Copper, Steel and Aluminum. The salt air acts as an Electrolyte. Therefore the Electrolysis (Galvanic Corrosion) begins damaging your air conditioning system as soon as you turn it on. The Electrolysis will only damage one metal and that is the softest or weakest metal on the system.

The Corrosion Grenade is 100% Zinc and protects all metals on your air conditioning system because it is the softest or weakest metal on the Galvanic Scale and protects the metals acting as a sacrificial anode. As soon as you have attached the Corrosion Grenade you have introduced a softer metal than any other on the Galvanic Scale. This increases the life of your system and helps maintain the efficiency. Water heaters have used sacrificial anodes for years as well as boat engines used in saltwater.

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