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    Signs You Need a New Water Heater | Don’t Wait too Long to Replace It!


  • Signs You Need a New Water Heater | Don’t Wait too Long to Replace It!

    August 28, 2020

    signs you need a new water heater

    Having a properly functioning water heater that provides hot water whenever you need it is vital for your home, especially in the cooler months. However, due to old age, lack of proper maintenance and other factors, your water heater might need to be replaced. We understand that it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact signs that indicate you should start looking for a new water heater—that’s why the pros at American Air and Heat are here to help. Here is list of telltale signs you need a new water heater!

    1. Your Unit is Old

    The normal age range of a standard water heater is up to 10 years old. Take a look at the serial number near the top of the heater—the first two digits usually indicate the year in which the water heater was manufactured. If you find that your water heater is past its 10 year limit, you might want to start looking for a replacement. Keep in mind, however, that old water heaters can still work fine—especially if they have been kept in good condition. To replace your water heater, you might want to consider other factors along with age.

    2. Rusty Water

    When your hot water heater gets old and/or develops leaks, one primary indication of this is rust-colored water. If you notice rusty water coming out of your faucets, do a more thorough inspection by filling up a few five-gallon buckets with hot water. If you notice rusty water coming from hot water, you might need a new hot water heater.

    3. Not Enough Hot Water

    A hot water heater has one (important!) job; to provide enough hot water for your home. If it is unable to do that and you find your water is always cold or your shower keeps turning cold before you’re done using the hot water, you will most likely need a new hot water heater. This might be because sediment and dust has built up in your hot water heater, separating it from the heat source and taking up unnecessary space.

    4. Leaks

    If you find leaks around your hot water heater, you might need a better, higher-quality replacement. Leaks can create water damage to your basement, crawlspace or wherever your hot water heater is located. Leaks are inevitable if your hot water heater has aged and/or is rusting. Make sure the leaks are not coming from other pipes and fittings connected to the hot water heater.

    Notice any of these signs you need a new water heater? Get in touch with the pros at American Air and Heat today! You can call us today at 800-421-2665 or schedule a service with us on our website. Our team of professionals and experts will provide high-quality heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality services with exceptional courtesy and professionalism. We are committed to the comfort and safety of all our customers!